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#Art: How to Spot an Original Painting from a Fake One

Distinguishing between a real art painting and a fake can be challenging. Here are a few tips to help you: 1. Provenance: Check the artwork’s history and origin. Verified provenance increases the likelihood of authenticity. 2. Expert Opinion: Seek advice from art experts or appraisers who specialize in the artist’s work or the specific style. …

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#Style: Here are 5 Easy Steps to tell Real Leather from Fake Leather

I sure have felt the disappointment of investing in what i thought was a genuine leather bag, only to find out it was a fake. Not funny at all. Here are 5 ways to tell real leather: 1. Look for grain patterns: Real leather typically has natural and irregular grain patterns, while fake leather may …

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Business strategy

#Art: Mastering Art Appreciation: Enhance Your Business Acumen and Make an Impact in Meetings

Discover the strategic advantage of sharpening your art knowledge for your next business meeting. Gain an edge by immersing yourself in the artistic world of Sofonisba Aguissola, a renowned artist. Embracing her unique style will empower you to project an image of art expertise, demonstrating your sensitivity to current women-centric dynamics that define our contemporary business climate.

Nigerian stock exchange tinubu inauguration

#Investment: Nigeria’s Stock Market Achieves Record Gain of N1.51 Trillion Following Inauguration

In a remarkable turn of events, the Nigerian Stock Market experienced an unprecedented surge, recording its highest gain of N1.51 trillion since November 12, 2020, just one day after the inauguration of the new government. This momentous achievement highlights a resurgence in investor confidence, signaling a promising future for the country’s financial landscape.The…

Lemi Ghariokwu

Maximum fun at Hellurrrandom Art Fair 1.0!

The Art Fair featured paintings of emerging and established artists including Adavize Jamiu Ibrahim, Luqman Olabode Onipede, Ndifreke James, Michael Olusanya Omole, Kelly Omoefe Ovwigho and Omodesola Fagbenle. The art pieces included hyperrealistic sketches, oil on canvas paintings of Lagos living, including Danfos, a baby on a tire, animation paintings on acrylic canvases and a host of other works of various sizes, in keeping with the theme of the Exhibition, ‘Freedom’.