Lemi Ghariokwu

Maximum fun at Hellurrrandom Art Fair 1.0!

The Art Fair featured paintings of emerging and established artists including Adavize Jamiu Ibrahim, Luqman Olabode Onipede, Ndifreke James, Michael Olusanya Omole, Kelly Omoefe Ovwigho and Omodesola Fagbenle. The art pieces included hyperrealistic sketches, oil on canvas paintings of Lagos living, including Danfos, a baby on a tire, animation paintings on acrylic canvases and a host of other works of various sizes, in keeping with the theme of the Exhibition, ‘Freedom’.

New York Times Bestseller

#BookReview: Funny Bits from Sankofa, by Chibundu Onuzo

Sankofa follows the story of Anna Bain, whose mother dies, and she also finds out that her husband has been cheating on her. While clearing her mother’s things, she finds a journal written by her dad, documenting his time in London. Her mom was white, and her dad is black. Her mom willed her a London flat that she sells, giving her the cash to travel to the fictional land of Bamana, to meet her dad. Apparently, she quit her job as an architect to become a housewife. Spoiler alert, her dad was the former president of Bamana…

Lagos Fashion Week

#Fashion: Celebrating innovation and Sustainable Fashion with the Lohije Brand

how the Lohije brand promotes sustainability and sustainable fashion, she sheds more light, ‘We promote culture and promote our artisans by giving an accurate history of where these fabrics come from. Our social part of sustainability ,making sure our workers are being paid, are in a conducive environment is not left out. Per our fabrics, we have found a way not to use plastic bottles anymore and we make buttons out of coconut shells. We try to cut down on our collections and our waste. Nothing cut in the studio is not thrown away…

Lagos Fashion Week

#Event: Hellurrrandom Art Fair 1.0

Kick off your December Faaji at the Hellurrrandom Art Fair1.0! This amazing event consists of an art exhibition and art auction of the works of amazing artists like Michael Olusanya Omole, Ibrahim Jamiu Adavize, Luqman Olabode Onipede, James Ndifreke, Omodesola Fagbenle, Oluwatobi David Amoo, Kelly Omoefe Ovwigho and a host of others. Imagine a luxurious and exclusive paint and sip soirée with these art maestros…