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#BookReview: Funny Bits from Sankofa, by Chibundu Onuzo

Sankofa follows the story of Anna Bain, whose mother dies, and she also finds out that her husband has been cheating on her. While clearing her mother’s things, she finds a journal written by her dad, documenting his time in London. Her mom was white, and her dad is black. Her mom willed her a London flat that she sells, giving her the cash to travel to the fictional land of Bamana, to meet her dad. Apparently, she quit her job as an architect to become a housewife. Spoiler alert, her dad was the former president of Bamana…

#BookReview: ‘ Whisper My Secret: A Memoir’ by JB Rowley

  Australian memoir by JB Rowley recounts the story of Mrytle Webb, a young naïve lady who falls pregnant out of wedlock and is forced to marry Henry Bishop, older than her by 10 years, who impregnates her. She has two more children with him, through a cold and rough marriage, with a controlling mother-in-law …

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