#DesignerSpotlight: ‘Showkoto’ by Fawenzo Designs

where to get aso oke pants in Lagos

HellurrGuys, It’s another episode of the Designer Spotlight series, and today, we’ll be featuring the Creative Director of Fawenzo Designs. Fawenzo Designs showcased its ready to wear ‘Showkoto’ collection at GTBank Fashion Weekend 2018. What strikes me about this collection/brand is that it is already so conceptualised at only 10 months. From the intentionally themed […]

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#CelebratingWomenCampaign: Move Over Everyone, for MOOFA has Taken Over || Interview with Olayinka Fashola Arolambo of MOOFA Designs

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This interview is geared to inspire, motivate and encourage any woman who has a creative passion in her heart but might be reluctant to start…
It is a busy day at the Moofa Cubicle at the GTB Fashion Weekend, with clients running in to purchase ready to wear couture pieces, but the diligent Creative Director of Moofa graciously grants this interview where she sheds more light on her passion…

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#Interview: Style Maestro, Noble Igwe Muses on his Definition of Style, Running a Fashion and Entertainment Platform, and His Expectations for Lagos Fashion Week 2018

who is noble igwe

There’s nothing more beautiful than calibrating fashion cerebrally. Understanding that fashion is a mental phenomenon gives you the liberty to look past the passions of your passion and thoroughly hijack its business and economic proclivities on your chosen platform. The mavins who have optimised their passions for profit are indeed to be applauded. Yes, Noble […]

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#Business: Elevate Your Brand with Lagos Fashion Week 2018!

Lagos Fashion Week 2018

Hellurr guys! Lagos Fashion Week is here again and it comes with fabulous opportunities to showcase your fashion brands. Are you a boutique owner, model, fashion designer or all round creative? Hellurrrandom can optimise its platform to showcase your brand, products and services alongside content from Lagos Fashion Week 2018. Check out all the Runway […]

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#Event: Custodian Mentors Conference with Oby Ezekwesili, Leke Alder and Wole Oshin!

  The Custodian Investment Mentorship programme with Oby Ezekwesili, Leke Alder and Wole Oshin was a truly enlightening and impactful event. Set at the Eko Hotel and Suites Victoria Island, it proved to be quite serene, coupled with the buffet for lunch and an opportunity to interact with the mentors. Wole Oshin gave the opening […]

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#Fashion: 4 Strategic Business Tips To Running Your Boutique Successully

Want to buy space to run a shop

  Hey Guys, Today on the blog, I’ll be talking about 4 Strategic Business Tips to running your boutique store successfully to ensure fashion entrepreneurs constantly review their ideas to ensure profitability. Create High Impact Window Displays By jumping on this, I am assuming that every serious boutique owner would of course have a show […]

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#Law: Starting a Business in Nigeria and its Tax Implications


  When starting a business,  one of the foremost things one might consider would be what kind of business to incorporate. In contemplating that, tax implications might be one of the pertinent factors.  What is the coolest kind of company to incorporate with the least amount of tax? According to an article, SMEs form the […]

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#Interview: Life and SuccessTalks with Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Tony Elumelu || #LFDW Special!

Tony Elumelu

  ‘Ambition is the first thing, says Tony Elumelu, speaking at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week. Chairman of United Bank For Africa, Transcorp and Founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, he delineates the ingredients for success in more ways than one. Allowing members of the audience ask questions, he also speaks on issues to consider […]

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