#Law: Starting a Business in Nigeria and its Tax Implications

  When starting a business,  one of the foremost things one might consider would be what kind of business to incorporate. In contemplating that, tax implications might be one of the pertinent factors.  What is the coolest kind of company to incorporate with the least amount of tax? According to an article, SMEs form theContinue reading “#Law: Starting a Business in Nigeria and its Tax Implications”

#Hellurr: Call for Writers! || Bloggers, Writers and Creatives Let’s Collaborate

With over 70 Posts covering different topics, from fashion to music to events and travel, Hellurrrandom has wormed  its way into  the minds and hearts of its readers. Now Hellurrrandom is expanding, and welcomes contributory articles from passionate writers around the world! Please see the guidelines below: 1. For collaborations, the themes of your postContinue reading “#Hellurr: Call for Writers! || Bloggers, Writers and Creatives Let’s Collaborate”

#Poise101 #Event: The Power of Presence in a Woman Series by JSK Etiquette Consortium

Hellurr Ladies! As Oyin Sunmoni says, the ultimate woman is one who carries herself in such a way where without effort, things are easy  for her. It’s all about presence ladies. Emote that ease at your workplace, among friends and family, with yourself everywhere you go. To learn more about presence, the JSK Etiquette Consortium has createdContinue reading “#Poise101 #Event: The Power of Presence in a Woman Series by JSK Etiquette Consortium”

#Newfeature! #CelebratingWomenCampaign

  Hellurr Everyone! Trust y’all are doing great? There’s going to be a new series on the blog tagged #CelebratingWomenCampaign, an inspirational series which celebrates women, identifying one or more things that are truly praiseworthy about them. As ladies, it is important to celebrate and constantly inspire one another. This series would feature interviews ofContinue reading “#Newfeature! #CelebratingWomenCampaign”

#TheHellurrrandomTalkShow: Branding in Show Business

  Hellurr Everyone! Are you ready for something great? Because I know I am! The Hellurrrandom Talk Show has come to light, featuring international media maker, Dupe Oyebolu, and we discuss branding in show business. It was such a great and stimulating conversation, sharing the dynamics of evolving a world class brand. Borne out ofContinue reading “#TheHellurrrandomTalkShow: Branding in Show Business”

The Brick versus The Mortar

    Fikayo Bamishingbin had had a long day at the office processing fund transfers on the basis interface. It was ten minutes to the hour of five and her blood began to boil. Her brain had for the most part shut down, and so she had to postpone her planned run to Tesco forContinue reading “The Brick versus The Mortar”

#Tag: #TheBelieversTag!

#Hey guys! I’m doing the Believers Tag, and I was tagged by Tosin Alabi, going by the fact that I’m an avid follower of her blog! Check her tag here. I did this tag organically and couldn’t wait to share my answers! #Checckit! 1. When did you give your life to Christ? Loooool. Let’s just say IContinue reading “#Tag: #TheBelieversTag!”