#Fashion: Highlights from Lagos Fashion Week 2019 (SS20), Day 2 of the Runway Shows

#LFW…pleats, capes, asymetrical elements,dramatic sleeves, gypsy skirts as well as amazing fabric stitching and embroidery…

#Interview: Tsemaye Binitie and Nkwo Onwuka on Fashion, Production and Everything in Between

‘Every part of the design job is broken down. It’s about 10 roles, so the designer is free to design’, Tsemaye says. Nkwo says, ‘I live inside my head. Sometimes I go somewhere and I’m smiling, but my mind is far away designing pieces…’

#Press: Lagos Fashion Week Presents – Fashion Focus Fund Live (A N10,000,000 grant) | 5th April 2019

  On Friday 5th April, 2019, Lagos Fashion Week will host Fashion Focus Fund Live, a business plan pitch presentation to determine the recipient of the Fashion Focus Fund. Launched last year, Fashion Focus Fund Live invites Fashion Focus finalists to present their business plans to a panel of judges for the opportunity to accessContinue reading “#Press: Lagos Fashion Week Presents – Fashion Focus Fund Live (A N10,000,000 grant) | 5th April 2019”

#ModelSpotlight: Talking High Fashion, Model Prejudices and Lagos Fashion Week with Ndidi Odogwu

This episode of Model Spotlight features the Half Nigerian, Half Camerounian Top Model, Ndidi Odogwu, who has graced  runway shows, including Lagos Fashion Week, Arise Fashion Week, represented so many brands like Vlisco, Imperial Leather,  Grey Velvet and so  many other gla

#DesignerSpotlight: MIA London || Check out MIA’s Africa’s Showcase at Africa Fashion Week 2018

Tis the season of African Fashion rising, with designers from this glorious continent slowly but surely penetrating international fashion markets…with MIA London showcasing…

#DesignerSpotlight: ‘Showkoto’ by Fawenzo Designs

HellurrGuys, It’s another episode of the Designer Spotlight series, and today, we’ll be featuring the Creative Director of Fawenzo Designs. Fawenzo Designs showcased its ready to wear ‘Showkoto’ collection at GTBank Fashion Weekend 2018. What strikes me about this collection/brand is that it is already so conceptualised at only 10 months. From the intentionally themedContinue reading “#DesignerSpotlight: ‘Showkoto’ by Fawenzo Designs”

#CelebratingWomenCampaign: Move Over Everyone, for MOOFA has Taken Over || Interview with Olayinka Fashola Arolambo of MOOFA Designs

This interview is geared to inspire, motivate and encourage any woman who has a creative passion in her heart but might be reluctant to start…
It is a busy day at the Moofa Cubicle at the GTB Fashion Weekend, with clients running in to purchase ready to wear couture pieces, but the diligent Creative Director of Moofa graciously grants this interview where she sheds more light on her passion…

#Fashion: Fabulous Finds from GTBankFashionWeekend + Mushy Honesty || Check You Out Sheep.Ng

I walk into the GTCentre and I feel like I am at Selfridge & Co. Every vendor’s cubicle is structured and perfect, and the lights are out of this world. I am immediately transported to my masters days in the UK in 2016, where every time I went on Oxford Street, I literally was alwaysContinue reading “#Fashion: Fabulous Finds from GTBankFashionWeekend + Mushy Honesty || Check You Out Sheep.Ng”

#Fashion: Highlights from Lagos Fashion Week, Day 3 of the Runway Shows

Mai Atafo’s Collection  started fabulous, with greys, oranges, olive greens, tans and other stand-out colours, with models sashaying to tunes provided by an amazing drummer and and a vituoso violinist. This is one collection that culminates in shaping Africa’s future, with its remarkable tailoring over its blazers, play suits, signature pockets and veils, flared and pleated pants, and other unique detail.