#Fashion: Trends Gleaned from #LFDW 2017 Street Style

Hellurr Fashion Loving Folk! There were so many elements that made #LDFW fun this year. But of course, year in year out, street style is a sure thing to feed our eyes and expand our style palette. I could not help but notice a few trends on the green carpet, some of which I planContinue reading “#Fashion: Trends Gleaned from #LFDW 2017 Street Style”

#Event: Day 3 Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week #HLFDW Highlights.

#Hellurr Fashion People!
Day 3’s showcase was more than phenomenal! I could not get enough of its awesomeness.
The designers that showcased were Maybelline, Emmy Kasbit FF, Clan, Maxivive, Ré, Tokyo James…

#Fashion: Hellurr Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2017 || Press Release Cocktail, October 13th 2017

The Heineken Fashion & Design Week Press Release Cocktail was quite the cocktail, with white couches and Heineken umbrellas by the lawn, and ladies and gents sitting playfully, sipping Fayrouz from bottles. It was a cool atmosphere at Heineken House, with bright lights and jivvy music just at the right volume. The dj was playingContinue reading “#Fashion: Hellurr Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2017 || Press Release Cocktail, October 13th 2017”

Hellurr! Zara Winter Sale On!

  If you’re not afraid of severe bangs or high heeled T-Bar sandals, then Zara is home. Ever feel like you could rock those staggering fashion pieces on your own runway in your backyard or to work? Holla at Zara! This is the place where everyone understands your eccentric/electic side and shows you mad respeck. Here there’s noContinue reading “Hellurr! Zara Winter Sale On!”

Style Post: Hellurrr Autumn, Rock Your Green Sweater!

Hellurrr….Autumn is here again, and the colour green shines! I love Emma Roberts’ loose fitting sweater layered over a white tee, nicely paired with deep blue jeans and sunglasses with nude frames. This other green sweater paired with grey pants, black heels and bag give the model a sophisticated look. This third sweater with aContinue reading “Style Post: Hellurrr Autumn, Rock Your Green Sweater!”

#Style: 5 Ways to Rock a Dress With Sneakers!

#Hellurrguys! I’ve been incredulous to the idea of pairing sneakers with a dress mostly because I hadn’t found a trial worthy one, but then I finally did on Cassie Davies’ blog, and it sure gave me inspiration to churn out this post: 5 Ways to pair your sneakers with a Dress. 1. Get a superContinue reading “#Style: 5 Ways to Rock a Dress With Sneakers!”