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Venture Capital Financing versus Terrorist Financing, Victims Caught in the Middle, vis a vis The Terrorism Prevention (Amendment) Bill 2021

Imagine that you have a start up which seeks to develop an artificial pancreas in the hopes of curing diabetes and you make some progress in the process, which is actually scaleable and you get venture capital funds for your start up and you are able to create drugs, as well as the artificial pancreas. Surely, that would be lovely. It would be both creating a business and solving a unique indemic problem in the global community. 

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#Legal: Clauses to Protect Founders in Private Equity and Venture Capital Deals

However,  only $10 million had been dispensed, with Alta Semper refusing to disburse the rest. Mrs Bukky George of Health Plus Ltd brought legal action against Alter Semper Capital. When legal action is brought, obviously it is no longer pleasant between the parties, so things like the attempted/alleged removal of the founder from the day to day running of the Health…

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#Legal: Financial Agreements and Covid 19

Covid 19 has brought serious implications to present day financial contracts/facility agreements, requiring lenders and borrowers to contemplate adjusting their terms and any additional leeways to prevent events of default from kicking in. Such moves have included governments and central banks asking other banks to grant compulsory moratoria to borrowers, reduction of interest rates on intervention facilities, etc.