#Legal: Clauses to Protect Founders in Private Equity Deals

However,  only $10 million had been dispensed, with Alta Semper refusing to disburse the rest. Mrs Bukky George of Health Plus Ltd brought legal action against Alter Semper Capital. When legal action is brought, obviously it is no longer pleasant between the parties, so things like the attempted/alleged removal of the founder from the day to day running of the Health…

#Legal: Financial Agreements and Covid 19

Covid 19 has brought serious implications to present day financial contracts/facility agreements, requiring lenders and borrowers to contemplate adjusting their terms and any additional leeways to prevent events of default from kicking in. Such moves have included governments and central banks asking other banks to grant compulsory moratoria to borrowers, reduction of interest rates onContinue reading “#Legal: Financial Agreements and Covid 19”

#Legal: The Netflix Syndicated ‘Lion Heart’, Syndicated Loans and other Syndicated Stories

The Netflix Syndicated Lionheart movie, co-produced by Chinny Onwugbenu and Veteran Actress, Genevieve Nnaji was released to its movie viewing platform on the 4th of January 2018, leaving the millennial Nigeria abuzz on the rise of the Nigerian Film Industry…

The Law of Hacking, According to Movie Merry Men, The Real Yoruba Demons.

Image credit: connectnigeria.com Hey everyone, I’m pretty sure we have heard of the movie called Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons, a movie about a group of modern day hackers who make it their mission to steal from Nigeria’s corrupt elite and give back to the poor. Here, Ramsey Nouah (as Ayo Alesinloye) plays theContinue reading “The Law of Hacking, According to Movie Merry Men, The Real Yoruba Demons.”

#Legal: Top Clauses to include in Your Facility Management Agreement.

Of course, it goes without saying that in order to have an enforceable Facility Management contract, it should be in writing. However, because the services in such contract may be broad and at the same time dynamic or flexible, owners and intending owners of property need to take certain things into consideration as regards specific clauses in such contracts.

#Law: Starting a Business in Nigeria and its Tax Implications

  When starting a business,  one of the foremost things one might consider would be what kind of business to incorporate. In contemplating that, tax implications might be one of the pertinent factors.  What is the coolest kind of company to incorporate with the least amount of tax? According to an article, SMEs form theContinue reading “#Law: Starting a Business in Nigeria and its Tax Implications”