#Poise101: Cracking the Code on The Fake Smile

Cracking the Code on a Fake Smile

There are so many things a fake smile does for you. It gives you control, especially when less than positive things are happening around you. It could keep you from exploding or having a serious fit in the wrong place.

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#Poise101 #Event: The Power of Presence in a Woman Series by JSK Etiquette Consortium

Who is Janet Adetu?

Hellurr Ladies! As Oyin Sunmoni says, the ultimate woman is one who carries herself in such a way where without effort, things are easy  for her. It’s all about presence ladies. Emote that ease at your workplace, among friends and family, with yourself everywhere you go. To learn more about presence, the JSK Etiquette Consortium has created […]

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#CelebratingWomenCampaign: Celebrating the Delectable Oyinloluwa Aboaba Sunmoni, of Passion, Elegance and Style

Beautifully smart and wonderfully honest, my interview with Oyinloluwa Aboaba Sunmoni has been one of the best interviews I’ve conducted  in recent times. Oyinlolu tells her story on how she developed her passion for style, branding, corporate communications and image consulting in such an easy and well thought out manner of expression. It felt like […]

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#Poise101: 10 Poise and Etiquette Quotes from my Favourite People.

    #Hellurr ladies and gentlemen.   Whenever I remember my favourite quotes, I’m reminded of how I felt when I first heard them. I remember the wit, the humour, the lesson and the people who learnt them with me, and of course, the coolness of whoever made the quote. What I love most is […]

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#Poise101: Contemplating Dolapo Osinbajo’s Quiet Poise

Dolapo Osinbajo. Quiet Poise

Poise is more than the way you carry yourself. If you think about it, it goes right into your character. You can tell a lady’s depth of character by her poise because poise transcends everyday living. Poise is purposeful. It is so much more than sitting pretty. It’s in service and in humility. It shines […]

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