#BookReview: ‘ Whisper My Secret: A Memoir’ by JB Rowley

  Australian memoir by JB Rowley recounts the story of Mrytle Webb, a young naïve lady who falls pregnant out of wedlock and is forced to marry Henry Bishop, older than her by 10 years, who impregnates her. She has two more children with him, through a cold and rough marriage, with a controlling mother-in-lawContinue reading “#BookReview: ‘ Whisper My Secret: A Memoir’ by JB Rowley”

#Poise101 #BookReview: ‘How To Be a Lady’ by Candace Simpson-Giles

‘Exact’ is how I would describe this book. Candace Simpson-Giles simply tells the lady in waiting what she is to do and what she isn’t to do matter-of-factly, an approach I appreciate 100%. She is not kept guessing or given double meanings.

#SponsoredPost #IndependenceDaySpecial #Throwback: ‘Transformation’ by Cobhams Asuquo || Featuring Omolara Music

 #Hellurrguys! Happy Independence Day! This Independence Special features a Throwback to Cobhams’ ‘Transformation’ performed by the amazing Omolara Music. I heard snippets of this song years ago with some adverts and had no clue who sang it. I went digging for stuff from Omolara recently after enjoying ‘Lover’ from years ago, and ‘ Hey Lovely’,Continue reading “#SponsoredPost #IndependenceDaySpecial #Throwback: ‘Transformation’ by Cobhams Asuquo || Featuring Omolara Music”

#Event: Ain’t No Party Like A Jollof Party|| Eat Drink Lagos + Kitchen Butterfly’s Jollof Festival

I enjoyed the unusual blend of coconut slathered over the red jollof rice which tasted like it had been completely baptised in crayfish flavour. I enjoyed eating bits and pieces of asun and suya in the yummy jollof rice that was only a few points away from working its way to A star.

#SponsoredPost: 10 Most Procured #BackToSchool Supplies!

I always felt a rush going back to school for a new session. Why? Because a new session meant new shoes , a new school bag, a new pencil case, new uniforms, coloured pencils, water colour sets and of course, new friends because we always got shuffled into new arms in primary school. Come secondaryContinue reading “#SponsoredPost: 10 Most Procured #BackToSchool Supplies!”

#SponsoredPost #StreetFoodReview: Hellurr Hajia! I want Toast!

  Eggs creamy as vanilla ice cream, slathered in titus and  chili sauce,  enveloped in crispy ‘teddy bear’ impressioned toast, is the name of the game. And Hajia’s Toast and Grills plays no favourites; if you’ve got no change, your toast goes to the next person. If you take too long, someone else gets itContinue reading “#SponsoredPost #StreetFoodReview: Hellurr Hajia! I want Toast!”

#EventHighlights + #Interview: Surreal Moments From Lindsey Abudei Live with the Perfect 4th Stringed Quartet!

I woke up to the sound of a quartet the morning after. The vibrato effects of ‘ Libra Man’ filled my mind; after effects of an evening with lovely Lindsey Abudei. I walked in to the sound of ‘Viva La Vida’ by the Perfect 4th String Quartet at the Omenka Gallery, filled with beautiful paintings..Continue reading “#EventHighlights + #Interview: Surreal Moments From Lindsey Abudei Live with the Perfect 4th Stringed Quartet!”

#MusicPlaylist: 10 Tracks I’ve been Vibing to Most Recently

  Hey Guys.   Welcome to another random post.lol   In times of deep mental and physical stress, music and handstands get us through.    There was a time I was really current with music, but that time is not now. I listen to music on a whim and my ears randomly catch things thatContinue reading “#MusicPlaylist: 10 Tracks I’ve been Vibing to Most Recently”

Sponsored Post: Say Hellurr to Genwenna Ushering Agency.

Events are incomplete without ushers to steer human traffic and maintain order. As a burgeoning business, Genwenna Ushering Agency has mastered the art of coordinating social events  with sunshine and pleasantness. Add colour to your day by taking on these beautiful, smartly dressed ladies!   Contact Details: Facebook:  @Genwenna Instagram: @Genwenna Telephone: 08171145268 Email: genwennaconsulting@gmail.com  Continue reading “Sponsored Post: Say Hellurr to Genwenna Ushering Agency.”