#Fashion: ‘Farabale’ Ready to Wear Collection by Matopeda Studio

     Hey Fashionistas, Summer is rounding off, but hey, it’s always summer over here. And with covid, I wonder how many people bought new summer apparel- because, nobody going anywhere and whatnot. But if other things were equal  what would you have purchased? Matopeda Studio launched the Farabale Collection, with exquisite playsuits and jumpsuits, […]

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7 Tips on how to Read 20 Books in One Year

Tips to reading more books

    #HellurrGuys, There is nothing more amazing than reading for pleasure, and to have its creamy words relax your brain and nerves after a long day. There is also the motivation that comes with reading power books. Couple those together, and you have an super reading year. 2019 was such a great year for […]

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#Food: Guacamole and Crisps

Guacamole goes nicely as spread for toast, but it also goes perfectly with crisps, as they are both spicy. Guacamole and Crisps, are the perfect lounging snack. Almost like an alternative to popcorn, you can netflix and chill with your Guacamole and crisps. Yes, I know covid and chill is literally in its rounding up phase, but hey there’s always Saturday chill…

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#Legal: Financial Agreements and Covid 19

Covid 19 has brought serious implications to present day financial contracts/facility agreements, requiring lenders and borrowers to contemplate adjusting their terms and any additional leeways to prevent events of default from kicking in. Such moves have included governments and central banks asking other banks to grant compulsory moratoria to borrowers, reduction of interest rates on […]

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#Poetry: Cook Eat Savour

This Poem takes on the perspective that cooking and eating are two of the most pleasurable things in life, highlighting savour-worthy moments.

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Poetry: Inception Reception Deception

To catch deception by its throat Right before it is able to strangle you In the neck. To curtail inception before you are Without original thought, That in itself is freedom. Mindfulness, if you like. To rise and think clearly Without unwitting second hand thought, Like smoke, of the same calibre that clouds Your judgment […]

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#Food: Crème Caramel Recipe

How to make Crème Caramel

Crème Caramel is just that easy-to-make dessert that gets you in a good mood. We sure do need dollops of happy in these times:)

Crème Caramel is a European dessert that is a variant of custard paired with liquid caramel made from white

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