#Review: Liquidy Yoghurt, Fashion Week 2018 and Milani on My Radar|| What’s Popping on the Mainstream of Your Mind?

Yummy and liquidy, yes, I have found my favourite yoghurt and Lagos Fashion Week 2018 is on my mind… What I love most about Fashion Week is the opportunity to show authentic street style in a liberating atmosphere.

#Beauty: How to Revive your Old Wigs || #GuestPost: by Layo Ketiku

  Ladiesssssss get in here, This one is for you. How are you all doing? Hope this post meets you well. Today’s post is as a result of my never ending surfing of the internet. Okay, a little back story: I have one wig that started looking like a wet rat after a couple ofContinue reading “#Beauty: How to Revive your Old Wigs || #GuestPost: by Layo Ketiku”

Beauty: Coconut Oil for Oily Skin? Yes or No? || #GuestPost: by Pelumi Adebisi

We are at that time of the year when people with oily skin/face usually have to deal with bringing the oil their skin produces under control because of the massive Lagos heat! So many people want to know if it’s okay to apply coconut oil on their oily skin. If you are in this position, you