#HairReview: Lace Frontal Closure Wig with Layo

Hellurr guys! Thinking of making a lace frontal wig? I made one recently with the amazing Layo! Yes, Layo makes wigs. Check out her blog here:)  Follow Layo on Twitter @MizMaybach Related Post: #Beauty: How to Revive your Old Wigs || #GuestPost: by Layo Ketiku I had used my Peruvian hair which I bought fromContinue reading “#HairReview: Lace Frontal Closure Wig with Layo”

#Beauty: How to Revive your Old Wigs || #GuestPost: by Layo Ketiku

  Ladiesssssss get in here, This one is for you. How are you all doing? Hope this post meets you well. Today’s post is as a result of my never ending surfing of the internet. Okay, a little back story: I have one wig that started looking like a wet rat after a couple ofContinue reading “#Beauty: How to Revive your Old Wigs || #GuestPost: by Layo Ketiku”