#ActorSpotlight : Interview with Burgeoning Actor, Bunmi Awolowo on Method Acting, Stage and So Much More!

One thing that is palpable about the amazing Bunmi Awolowo is her passion for acting. It literally seethes through her!
This emerging actor who has partaken in stage productions at Terra Kulture ¬†and is currently on a Web Series ‘Dawn’…

#Interview: Actor Omobola Akinde Speaks on International Film Festivals, Distinguishing Oneself as an Actor and Her Dreams as an Acting Coach

Though she is new to the scene, she has deep insight into the industry and the skill of acting, which would definitely catapult her into the A List!

Omobola Akinde is very easy going, with a sunny Lagos vibe up on her grind and an answer to every question in this interview with deep thought. But of course, she makes it seem effortless.