#Food: 6 Nuggets of Cooking Wisdom from Sunny Anderson

Hellurr guys! If you follow this blog, you’d know I love cooking, and picking up tips to help make cooking more fun. Inspired by Sunny Anderson’s go-getter attitude and her amazing views on life displayed at the GT Bank Food and Drinks Fair, I read a couple of her interviews, and pondered over her ways ofContinue reading “#Food: 6 Nuggets of Cooking Wisdom from Sunny Anderson”

Say Hellurr to Aida’s Bakeshop!

Hellurr  Dessert Lovers! Cake and muffin connoisseurs, I have a new treat for y’all in the City of Lagos. Cinnamon rolls and glazed doughnuts are the new normal,  and Aida’s Bakeshop is the go-to-place! Tantalise your tastebuds with decadent red velvet cakes, classic muffins and iced cupcakes in sleek packages. It’s cooler than anything you’ve seenContinue reading “Say Hellurr to Aida’s Bakeshop!”